Evie’s Emporium aims to provide hand-crafted products made with reuse, recycle and re-purpose in mind, whilst promoting sensory awareness. 

The motivation and inspiration behind Evie’s Emporium relate to my personal journey of entering the world of ‘Disability’ 

Six years ago, I became totally Blind. Suddenly my world became complete darkness – on more levels than losing my sight. Adjusting to this ‘new normal’ where I see no light, no shadows or colour…. I see nothing but black, I was encouraged to start Art Therapy classes.  As part of this therapy I learned to embrace the ‘crafty’ persona within. People liked the items I created but were also interested in hearing my story and the details of my journey. Soon they started asking me to make gifts for their loved ones and were more than happy to pay me.  I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at an annual Makers Market. I was brave enough to develop this into a Micro Enterprise and that’s how it all began…


      I may not have vision, 

                       but I do have a vision for my future.

By creating hand-made items with the ethos of reuse, recycle and repurpose, we promote environmental consciousness.  We provide sensory disability education and strengthen the message of using abilities not focusing on disabilities. 

We aim to be part of a socially fair, inclusive community where people with disability are given a fair go. 

At Evie’s Emporium, we create artisanal products from recycled materials with the intention of being environmentally conscious and providing an insight into my blind world by sharing my story.